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SUPER SOLAR Donates Portable Power Station To Rescue Team

  • 2023-04-17

On April 6SUPER SOLAR  donated portable power station to rescue team in Xiamen city.The chairman introduced the company's development history and the company's  new products to the rescue team.In this visit, SUPERSOLAR presented the company's new product portable power station.

It will continue to improve the level of science and technology, which is conducive to the city's rescue operations and the development of modern science and technology in the future.

Liu Hesheng, Chairman of SUPERSOLAR, shared at this visit,The energy storage market is developing rapidly, and SUPERSOLAR has already won a large number of orders for portable energy storage devices from all around the world.SUPERSOLAR has great prospects for development.The rescue team expressed their best wishes for the future development of the SUPERSOLAR.They also expressed their gratitude for these gifts.

Later, SUPER SOLAR showed the rescue team the functions and operation of portable power station, enable them to fully experience modern new technology products.

As we all know, rescue teams are always ready to deal with emergencies and rescue people, so they are loved by everyone.SUPERSOLAR new product portable power station,it can assist in rescue operations, such as providing emergency power to rescue equipment. It can improve rescue efficiency and deal with difficult problems.Portable power station is one of the new energy products.In the future,SUPERSOLAR will go further and further in the development of the new energy path.

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