Rooftop solar power for everyone

  • 2022-06-30

The Irish government has drafted a proposal that would exempt solar home installations and certain non-domestic solar installations from planning permission, in order to make solar installations shorter and simpler, bringing the country into line with the EU initiative on roof solar panel mounting.

roof solar panel mounting

The Irish Department of Housing, has announced proposals to revise planning regulations to allow homes to fit solar panels on their roofs without planning permission and regardless of location.

Super Solar warmly welcomed this decision as we have a strong Irish customer base, many of our Irish partners have increased requests for rooftop mounting systems following this announcement.

Super Solar and these various partners and customers have agreed to increase the quantity of production to meet the needs of expectations.

This project will help facilitate the deployment of rooftop solar across the country,” said Minister of State for Planning and Peter Burke. They will enable individuals, communities, businesses and farms to play their part in creating a future powered by renewable energy and taking action on climate change.

They will help individuals and businesses reduce their energy bills and increase Ireland's energy security, a major challenge given the changing situation in Europe and the need to rapidly reduce reliance on fuels. Russian fossils.

The proposals also relate to certain non-domestic buildings, such as community and educational buildings, places of worship, health buildings, libraries and farms.

Under the draft proposals, solar installations will be able to cover the entire roof of a house without planning permission, except for sun protection areas.

Houses, regardless of their location, will soon be able to install solar panels on their roofs without any planning permission, which I know will be very welcome for many owners”,

our renewable energy ambitions and help people play their part in climate action and lower their energy bills.

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